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Chuck Elliott is a multi talented musical artist and professional songwriter that explores vast expanses of creative innovation and lyrical art, detailing all his works with a motivated and driven aptitude to succeed. He is a founding member of the musical fusion "Funktry" and is known for being a prolific lyricist.


Elliott was born August 19, 1968 in Montgomery County, MD into a poor household of hard working laborers. He is one of seven children born to Charles and Teresa Elliott. During his childhood years he worked very hard along with his siblings, to ensure that they could survive and have a meal. When he was ten, his family moved the town of Brandy Station, VA and to this day holds this location close to his heart. His fondest memories of childhood are sitting on the porch snapping green beans and joking as well as singing with the other members of his family.


Elliott first realized his talents as a musician and songwriter at a very early age when he noticed that he could sing on key with local musicians and furthermore could remember lyrics to their songs. Elliott grew up listening to influences such as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Freddie Fender and Kiss songs that were smuggled into the household by his sister due to Elliott’s parents forbidding them from listening to rock n roll music within the household. Elliott also lived within a predominate African American neighborhood during his teen years. This culture of life introduced him to a wide genre of underground music, listening to the like of Sam Cooke, Al Green and The Commodores. This further inspired his diversity within his songwriting and musical composing for years to come.


When Elliott was sixteen he was invited to sing for a local band called Spongewater that needed a lead singer. At the very first show that the band played, the response was highly positive and supportive. This persuaded him to advance his talents in music even further. At the age of eighteen Elliott moved to Pensacola, FL and joined a band called The Monday Crew. This band exposed him to a higher level of success then he had previously achieved and the following shows became his first actual paid gigs. He also discovered during this era the genres of Latin, Reggae and Calypso. Afterwards Elliott continued to write and compose music with a variety of artists and bands and in the ensuing years, had a number of ups and downs and a deep personal battle with alcohol abuse that he finally overcame.


Elliott currently has started and made public his newest music venture Funktry. A musical and lyrical innovation inspired by all of his past influences. Elliott has enjoyed high exposure in the Northern Virginia region as well as gaining many fans across the nation. He also has performed at a variety of different well-known venues including the internationally known songwriters paradise Blue Bird Café located in Nashville, TN. Elliott currently lives on a private farm in Whitleyville, TN and has two daughters Meagan and Anna Marie with his wife Joan.


Elliott continues to  adventure enthusiastically within the avenues of the music and songwriting industries and immerses himself within his works on compelling and inspirational lyrics as well as exceptionally high quality musical compositions. 

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